Article A:

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a student organization intended to promote and honor the values of academics, character, leadership, and service.

Article B:

Members of NHS will engage in meaningful service to the club, the school, and the community.

Article C:

The Copper Hills High chapter of NHS must maintain a minimum of seven members to continue to operate as a club.

Article D:

No student may attend or participate in club activities without the written consent of his/her parent or legal guardian.

Article E:

The National Honor Society will act in compliance with the Utah Code Annotated 53A-3-419, Utah Administrative Code R277-617, all other applicable laws and regulations, and all Jordan School District and Copper Hills High School policies and regulations.

Article F:

Students will be expected to pay $25.00 dues annually (or an amount specified by the club supervisor and officers if adjustment is deemed necessary) at the beginning of the school year.  These dues will pay for club socials, service projects, and other activities.  They will also pay for members’ pins, certificates, shirts, and any other items the club provides for its members.  All funds will be handled pursuant to the Jordan School District policy.

Article G:

Students may apply for membership in NHS at the end of their sophomore or junior year.  The application for membership will be written by the NHS Adviser and faculty committee, and will require applicants to show achievement in academics, character, leadership, and service.  Commitment to academics will be shown by having a 3.700 cumulative GPA and through any other criteria decided on by the NHS Adviser and faculty committee.  Applicants will be reviewed by the NHS Adviser and faculty committee, and those accepted will be given written offers of membership explaining the responsibilities of an NHS member.  Those who are not accepted will be given written explanations of why they were excluded.

Article H:

Members of NHS who fail to live up to their responsibilities as members of the club will be put on probation.  Causes of probation include failing to pay dues, failing to turn in a service card on time, not attending a minimum of two chapter meetings per semester, failing to maintain a 3.700 GPA, or failing to act with honor in academic situations.  Members put on probation will be given written notice of probation including an explanation and a warning that if they do not remedy the situation within one semester, they will be expelled from NHS.  At the end of the following semester, if they have failed to do as required, they will be given a written notice of exclusion, including an explanation.  Students will also be expelled if they are found to have lied on their application or on a service card, or if they are expelled or excluded from school.  A senior student who does something during the second semester of school that would normally put him on probation will be expelled without probation.

Article I:

The Copper Hills chapter of NHS will have six officers:

Office Responsibilities
President The president presides over meetings and had the primary responsibility for organizing activities and delegating tasks.
Vice President The vice president will assist the president and personally oversee the activities and responsibilities associated with service.
Secretary The secretary will be in charge of all membership records and letters communicating information to members.
Historian The historian will maintain traditional records such as membership books and photographs.
Senior Secretary The senior secretary will assist the secretary and oversee one of the NHS focuses.
Junior Secretary The junior secretary will assist the secretary and oversee one of the NHS focuses.

All officers will assist in planning and organizing club activities and meetings and will direct committee assignments.

Article J:

Students will apply to be officers at the end of the junior or sophomore year.  To apply, they must be either NHS members or applicants for membership.  Based on the applications, the NHS Adviser and faculty committee will remove from the list students who do not meet the qualifications for officer. The same review committee will then decide on which students will finally fill the officer positions.  The position of junior secretary will be filled by a sophomore at the time of application, and the former junior secretary will become the president.

In the event of the president losing NHS status, the vice president will become president and the NHS Adviser will choose a new vice president.  If any other officer loses status, the NHS Adviser will select a replacement from current NHS members in good standing.