Summer NHS Service Opportunities

Students are allowed to get a maximum of 5 NHS hours doing approved service projects over the summer.  Those hours would count ONLY toward 1st quarter activities for the 2018-2019 school year.  We currently have two approved activities.

  1.  Working with the Special Needs Cheer Class at Forever Cheer
    6792 Airport Rd, West Jordan, UT 84084, USA.  See our google calendar for more info.  You must sign in and out at Forever Cheer.  Always call before you go to make sure the class is still being held.  You will not get hours for just showing up if the class has been cancelled.
  2. Being a member of the Teen Advisory Board at the Bingham Creek Library.  Applications are available at the library. You will be working with Angie Wager.  She will be the one to sign off your hours on your service card.

These activities are NOT REQUIRED.  They are just options for those kids that like to get a head start on service hours.  We will have plenty of hours to work on during the year too so don’t feel pressure to do these things.

Cowl Pick Up for Seniors

Seniors: You may pick up your cowl(s) on Monday, May 21st during A or B lunch or after school.  If you would like to purchase them, they cost $25 each.  You will get a slip saying which one(s) you are eligible for, pay in the main office, then bring me the receipt.  Those students who wish to rent (borrow) will fill out the paperwork on Monday then return the cowls just after graduation where robes are returned.

Service Cards are Due May 17th

All NHS Students: Your service cards are due Thursday, May 17th.  There is not a probation option for 4th quarter so any students who do not turn all of their remaining service cards (3rd and 4th quarter for those on probation) will be dismissed from NHS.  See Mrs. Leggat if you have any questions.

Disclosure and Fee Due May 11th

Students wishing to be a part of NHS for the 2018-2019 school year must turn in the signature page of the disclosure and a receipt for the $25 fee by Friday, May 11th.  The fee must be paid in the main office.  Staple the receipt and the signature page together and return to Mrs. Leggat in the media center.  See Mrs. Leggat if you have any questions.

2018-2019 Officers

Congratulations to the following people for being chosen as officers for the 2018-2019 school year.

President – Aidan Leggat
Vice President – Tyler Carson
Art Coordinator – Enfany Ngo
Historian – Lauren Carver
Media Coordinator – Rachel Starley
Secretary – Nathan Sill
Jr. Secretary – James Baker

Thank you to everyone that applied. It was a tough decision and the current officers had a hard time choosing.

Academic Letter – Seniors Only

Seniors…Academic letter applications are available on the CH website under the academics tab. All senior NHS members are encouraged to apply. Once you complete your application, we will notify you by mail of your acceptance and invite you to the academic letter breakfast. See Mrs. Leggat if you have any questions.

4th Quarter Activities

4th quarter activities are set.  Please plan your schedule so that you get all your hours in by the due date.  Reference the calendar for days and times of activities.   There will only be one meeting option/day each month, for a total of two, so plan your meeting accordingly too.  Sign ups for Mascot Miracles will be coming shortly.  You can sign up to help the whole day and get all your hours in for the quarter.  There will not be a donation option this quarter…we simply could not fit one in.

Every student MUST turn in a 4th quarter card and/or be off probation by the end of 4th quarter or he/she will be dismissed from NHS.

See Mrs. Leggat if you have any other questions.


A Roar of Thanks

For 2 weeks, Copper Hills students donated food items including turkeysboxed mashed potatoes, desserts, and so much more. On Tuesday, November 21st, they gathered and sorted all the food items and delivered boxes to 16 families in the community, with tons of food leftover to go to the CH pantry. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and helped with this project, it made such a difference in those family’s lives.


*this photo doesn’t show all 16 boxes*


Members make ornaments out of paper that will go on a tree at the Festival of Trees.

Blanket Tying

NHS members tie blankets using the fleece donated by the members themselves. . The blankets were then donated to the humane society and the homeless closet at Copper Hills.



West Jordan Parade

NHS officers and members participate in the West Jordan Parade on the 4th of July representing Copper Hills.